Electric Water Heater Repair

Electric Water Heater Repair Garden Grove

Electric water heaters are usually the second most widely used choice behind gas water heaters. We are going to share a lot of the more common difficulties that can go wrong with an electric hot water heater beneath. These are typically intended for informative purposes for if one is not qualified to execute repairs to an electric appliance it could be a dangerous situation. Also, learning what these kinds of symptoms are can certainly help us initially recognize what could be needed for your Garden Grove Electric Water Heater Repair.

Please make sure the power is turned off to the water heater initially, and be sure it is switched off whenever the access panel is opened up.

Self Diagnosing an Electric Hot Water HeaterGarden Grove Electric Water Heater Repair

The main locations to first examine if the heater is not working as one would like if there is no hot water, not enough hot water, or the water is too hot are these:
Is the power turned on and the circuit breaker is not tripped.
If those are both on and not tripped, try the reset button.
Check out the thermostat temperature level. There are instances when it might be bumped mistakenly.

In case ones water heater is leaking water, give us a call without delay. When it’s leaking badly, switch the power off, and if one knows where the water turn off valve is to the heater, turn that off as well. If it is only a little leak, still contact us so we may correct the problem. Leaking water in ones residence can result in quite a lot of damage!

Several other problems could be that the heater is producing a number of loud sounds, the hot water has an odor, or the color of the water is rusty. Each of these symptoms can certainly help us find out the best places to inspect initially, yet are issues that we should undoubtedly have a look at soon.

Electric Water Heater Benefits

Do not require to be vented outside
Nominal operational clearance is necessary
Extended life span than a gas water heater

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